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2013 Nissan Versa Compared To The 2013 Ford Fiesta

No longer will Americans equate subcompact cars with being boring, ugly, and lacking essential features at their base level trims. More importantly, new entrants into the market also prove that consumers will finally be delighted by the wealth of options open to them on smaller cars, especially thew new 2013 Nissan Versa and the 2013 Ford Fiesta. Nissan’s approach to the market is decidedly different than that taken by Ford, but they both start with one very un-traditional similarity: pricing.

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In days gone by it was common for smaller sedans to fetch a premium over their 5-door hatchback counterparts. Now the opposite is true, ss consumers start to value the convenience of 5 doors and the hatchback body style. For example, the 2013 Nissan Versa starts at just under $12,000 MSRP for the sedan model and a little bit over $14,000 MSRP for the 5-door hatchback while a base S trim Fiesta fetches over $13,000 in sedan form while commanding a very similar $14,000 and change hatchback price tag. In the case of the Versa, this is largely due to the sedan trims starting with a peppy 1.6 liter engine versus the 1.8 liter found in the hatchback.
What do you get for these price points? The Versa is large, in stark contrast to the cramped feeling Fiesta. Both cars offer a great ride for their price point but neither are true enthusiast cars b any stretch. While Ford continues to improve and refine its Sync system, Nissan has focused more on making a quiet riding experience. As Sync is still a few generations away from being truly stable and thus useful, Nissan seems to have chosen wisely in where it placed emphasis.
There are only 2 trim levels available for the Nissan Versa hatchback, but the sedan complicates this with an additional 2. Nissan lays out their offerings logically: a base model with plenty of standard features, and a more up-market version that has plenty of bells and whistles. Sedans have the same type of offerings but in two engine ranges and with the 1.8 liter engine adding a few extra offerings. By comparison, Ford offers 3 trims per body style: the stripped down S, SE which compares roughly with the base model Versa, and the decidedly upmarket Titanium that competes with the upscale Versa offerings but costs roughly $1000 more depending on how it is configured.
In the final analysis, 2013 Nissan Versa offers a far better immediate value than the 2013 Ford Fiesta. Getting more for less is probably why Nissan is in the position that they are in while Ford is struggling to convince Americans to pay a premium price for the Fiesta without ample justification. Come see for yourself why Versa is hands down the top pick in the class at Montgomeryville Nissan today!