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2014 Nissan Altima Interior Review

There’s lots to love about the thoughtfully-designed cabin of Nissan’s 2014 Altima. It’s not only loaded with a long list of standard features but also comes available with tons of options that were purposefully made available to ensure your complete safety, comfort, and enjoyment. It’s no wonder the 2014 Nissan Altima is fast-becoming the mid-sized sedan of choice for both the new driver and the loyal, young-at-heart Nisan enthusiast.

The Multi-Function Camera

This angle-adjustable, high-tech, multi-function camera not only gives you great views and audio alerts of what’s behind your vehicle as you back up, but also three additional features. It’s got a Blind Sport Warning feature that enables your Altima to warn you (through a flashing light on your outside mirror, a visual display, and an audio alert) if you’re about to collide into something you didn’t (or can’t) see. It also has a Lane Departure Warning feature that’s perfect when you’re driving on country roads, in stop-and-go rush-hour highway traffic, or while on long road trips. If you’re unintentionally about to drift into another lane, it’ll alert you. A third feature is the Moving Object Detection – alerting you if something is suddenly either coming into your path of driving or near your vehicle.

The Vehicle Dynamic Control with Traction Control System

Also referred to as stability control, this feature continuously monitors your steering and braking actions, and will automatically reduce your engine’s speed or even apply brakes if it senses you are dangerously over/under steering. The Traction Control System can tell if your front wheels are slipping or spinning and instantly reduces the throttle so you can regain control of your car on the road.

High-end Seats

The Altima’s driver’s seat is one that every driver wishes they had in their vehicle. With leather upholstery and heating, the driver’s seat’s got an 8-way power adjust system and power lumbar adjustment. The front-seat passenger can also enjoy a heated seat and leather. Back seat riders can experience upscale touches and adjust their seats as well.

The Sky’s the Limit

No problem gazing at the moon or wishing on the stars while in your Altima. You can get your Altima with a moon roof and a sun roof! The power-sliding glass moon roof has both a tilt feature and an open/close with one-touch feature. The high-quality, Nissan-factory-issued sunroof comes available with a wind deflector. Its aerodynamic design helps to reduce both wind turbulence and noise when the sunroof is open.

Nissan Altima’s way-cool tire pressure monitoring system does tons of things in addition to telling you a tire needs air! For starters, it lets you know what the tire pressure is in each of your tires. By garnering this knowledge at the glance of the system, you’ll feel comfortable and confident never having to wonder or worry if a tire is at the right pressure. In addition, once you begin putting air into your low tire, your hazard lamps will begin to flash – telling you the air pressure system is indeed working correctly. This feature totally eliminates any confusion about whether air is actually going in to the tire or not! Finally, this feature makes your Altima’s horn beep when your tire has reached the right amount of air pressure! This long-overdue feature makes the whole process of checking and getting air not only easy, but also stress-free!  This feature enables all Altima drivers (both new and experienced) to confidently and correctly add air into their tires themselves!

To see these and all of Altima’s other interior features, visit your local Nissan dealer in Montgomeryville today.