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2014 Nissan Versa Note Compared To The 2014 Toyota Yaris

A well informed buyer is the happiest buyer. Our job is to make certain all of our customers are as informed as possible about their desired car choice. This is so that they know they are making the best possible decision for themselves and their families. Anytime a buyer compares our cars to the competition – everyone learns about all of the advantages that our cars have over the rest. To support this review, we compare the 2014 Nissan Versa Note to the 2014 Toyota Yaris.

This makes it much easier to decide which one will suit you and your family best. And once you have decided – we will find a way to make sure you get the best possible value and savings available.

Fuel Economy

We are aware our buyers want to first comprehend the savings per gallon that can be realized on the highway and around town.

Naturally, the Nissan comes out ahead of Toyota on this one. While the MPG of the 2014 Toyota Yaris rolls in at 30 around town and 36 on the highway – the 2014 Nissan Versa Note holds an environmentally respectful 31 for around town and a healthy 40 for freeway travel. As gas prices continue to dramatically fluctuate – this value obviously becomes more important.

Interior Features

User friendly interfacing and console controls are of significant value to most family car users. Even when your vehicle is primarily for commuting – the ease and comfort of the internal environment is extremely important. The 2014 Nissan Versa Note features the more user-friendly interface than the 2014 Toyota Yaris in a few significant ways. The rear-view mirrors of the Nissan are mechanized and offer easy-to-use controls. With the Toyota Yaris, a manual movement is needed. The rear windows of the Toyota do not even open, actually – and this should be noticed as it makes a significant difference to those traveling in the back seats.

With the Nissan, you have the ability to open all windows from a central mechanized control panel – and are able to allow fresh air to flow through the vehicle anytime it is needed.


Higher horsepower and torque are the features that place the Nissan’s engine on top of all it’s competition. Due to its size and diversity of features supporting power and comfort – the Nissan proves to be the most informed choice.