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Local Treats: Bergin’s Chocolates

Bergin’s ChocolatesLooking for something to crave that sweet tooth? Or do you need a sweet gift idea? Bergin’s Chocolates is an excellent choice for both! Located in Lansdale, PA, Bergin’s Chocolates has been providing quality treats for Montgomery County residents for over eight decades.

The Start

Bergin’s ChocolatesBergin’s Chocolates was founded in 1935 when Mr. and Mrs. Bergin started to make candy in their home kitchen. During this time, the Great Depression was at its height, so the family leveraged Mr. Bergin’s ability to make candy in order to make some extra money.

Now, 85 years later, Bergin’s still operates as a family business making some of the best candy and chocolates in Southeast Pennsylvania. Bergin’s Chocolates and its third-generation candy-makers are still using original recipes to make these high-quality sweets. Some of the candy made at Bergin’s include butter creams, chocolate-covered pretzels, truffles, and caramels.

Deliver a Thoughtful Gift With Bergin’s Chocolates

Bergin’s ChocolatesCandy and sweets from Bergin’s make for an excellent gift. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or a birthday, a gift from Bergin’s is sure to delight.

Gifting chocolate is affordable, universally enjoyed, and can be packaged beautifully to deliver a meaningful message. Additionally, enjoying chocolate with someone you care about creates a memory and experience you share with one another.

Bergin’s Chocolates also offers the option to personalize your gifts. Whether you’re purchasing for a corporate event, wedding, party, or anything else, Bergin’s has you covered with personal messages, logos, and branding options for packaging.

Visit Bergin’s Chocolates Online or In-Store

Bergin’s ChocolatesWant to start browsing Bergin’s Chocolates assortment of sweets and treats? Head on over to their website to find your new favorite candy. Checking out the store in person is also a great option. There, you can not only experience the great taste of the candies but also see how and where it is made.

Visiting Bergin’s in person proves to be a sense-provoking experience. You’ll be in sensory overload, immersed with the smell and sight of some of the best candy that Southeast Pennsylvania has to offer.

In the meantime, stay in the loop with Bergin’s, their candy, and their store by checking out and following their Facebook page!