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Best Nissans for Commuters

Many of our local car seekers are wondering which Nissan models make the best commuter companions for daily drives to Philadelphia, Lansdale, and Doylestown? We’ve got you covered, so sit back, keep your morning coffee within cupholder reach, tap NissanConnect to the most soothing station on Sirius, and get ready to review four top Nissan models in the commuter category.

But first, what criteria did we evaluate when composing our commuter-savvy picks? Let’s review.

Nissan Commute-ability

As you would imagine, much of our decision came down to two words, or three small letters that can really rule your ride: gas mileage (or mpg). For their segments, these four Nissan standouts exhibit excellent EPA estimates.

Other factors we took into consideration included interior comfort to soothe long rides and additional features to ease traffic stress and adjust to the commuter lifestyle.

Luckily, all of the models we mention also have a suite of all-seeing technology available with Nissan’s innovative 360-degree Around View Monitor as well as navigation systems on hand that help you find alternate routes on the fly.

Now, to the lineup.

Nissan Commuter #1: 2015 Nissan Altima

nissan altimaStarting with the interior digs, the 2015 Nissan Altima’s midsize construction provides added on-road comfort. Remarkably supportive zero-gravity front seats can stand up to time-consuming commutes, whether that’s due to long mileage or a stubborn jam.

Speaking of traffic—and all things stop and go—the 2015 Altima’s EPA-estimated 27 city and 38 highway mpg marks were built to withstand urban movement (or lack thereof) without costing you too much at the pump. With a combined efficiency just over an estimated 32 mpg, gas mileage is a win/win in the Altima.

Nissan Commuter #2: 2015 Nissan Versa

When it’s you vs. daily traffic, the 2015 Versa’s good commuting power and great mileage to boot (an estimated 31 city and 40 highway) have got your back.

This subcompact’s cavernous cargo space that’s just shy of 15 feet provides Versa drivers with carpool confidence. Forget about the fear of an unruly corporate briefcase pileup too big for the trunk. Load ‘em up!

Nissan Commuter #3: 2015 Nissan JUKE

Daily commuting warriors who want the versatility of traveling in a ride that sits higher on the road will be drawn to the drive provided by the 2015 Nissan JUKE.

A commute in the JUKE is never dull, with nimble handling and an attention-grabbing exterior that pronounces your every merge with supreme style. Standard hands-free texting in the JUKE ensures that you safely stay in the loop with your plans while roaming from work to home.

Nissan Commuter #4: 2015 Nissan LEAF

best nissans for commuters Think you’d prefer floating through Philly traffic? With the all-electric 2015 LEAF’s whopping estimated 126/101 mpg equivalent for city/highway travel, you’ll feel unstoppable flitting through the city over your morning and evening pathways.

The 2015 LEAF succeeds in delivering a balanced ride through tight urban corners and intelligent steering that plays well to taking on Philly streets. The wide, open structure of the LEAF helps commuters see all and comes in handy when executing tricky traffic maneuvers.

In becoming the proud new owner of one of these Nissan commute conquerors, Philadelphia, Lansdale, and Doylestown area drivers can say goodbye to dreading their morning and evening drives.

The first step in getting to know which ride is best for you? Schedule a test drive with Montgomeryville Nissan today!