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Brake Pads vs. Rotors

brake pads philadelphia, paGetting a brake repair near Montgomeryville seems like it would be a huge ordeal, but at Montgomeryville Nissan, the process is simple. Not only do we offer all of the services you may need, but we also offer them in a warm and friendly environment—and that starts with demystifying the brake repair services we offer.

There are two main parts of your brake system that need to be regularly maintained: the brake pads and the rotors. But what’s the difference between them?

Brake Pads

Your brake pads usually need to be replaced more often than the rotors because they naturally wear down faster—it’s simply the nature of their job. The brake pads clamp against the rotors (more on them below) to slow down and stop your wheels.

Since your brake pads are made of metal and your rotors are made of metal, they scratch each other and wear down over time. You can save your brake pads from unnecessary wear by not riding your brakes, not slamming on your brakes, and being gentle with your brakes.

There are several signs that your brake pads need to be replaced, including high-pitched squealing when you apply the brake, a grinding sound, pulsing of the brake pad, and pulling to one side while braking.

Brake Rotors

Your rotors spin with your wheels and slow down when the brake pads clamp against the rotor. This part should last through two to three replacements of the brake pads but can need attention sooner if you’re rough on your brakes.

brake pads vs. rotorsYou can save your rotors in the same way you protect your brake pads: by being gentle with your brakes, including avoiding riding your brakes and not slamming on the brakes. Another way you can save your rotors is to get your brake pads replaced regularly. Old brake pads will cause damage to your rotors, which are generally more expensive to repair than brake pads.

There are several signs that you rotors need to be replaced, including a grinding noise; vibrations when braking, including in the steering wheel and seat; pulsations with the pedal when braking; or a metallic screeching sound when braking. You may also experience a deep grinding feeling when braking, especially when coming to a complete stop, if your rotors need to be replaced.

Keeping your brake pads and rotors in great shape can go a long way to protecting other major systems in your vehicle, including your suspension and wheel alignment. So when you bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection or brake repair at Montgomeryville Nissan, you’re ensuring that your vehicle is getting all of the care it deserves.

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