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Car Emergency Kit: 4 Things to Keep in Your Car When Traveling to Philly

Although you have recently visited the Nissan service department at Montgomeryville Nissan, and do so for regular oil changes, transmission repairs, or tire service, it’s still essential to keep safety within arm’s reach for you and your passengers. In this day of extended automotive warranties, roadside assistance, and more dependable vehicles on the road, we can often be lulled into a false sense of security when we hit the road for an extended or brief trip.

When preparing for a trip to Philadelphia, PA, there are a few essential items you should include in any auto emergency kit. Philadelphia is the center of a densely populated area, so you’re not likely to get yourself into any wilderness survival scenarios. But getting your car back on the highway may be a different matter, and you should be prepared to handle minor problems without having to wait for an extended period for road service.

Below, your trusted Philadelphia Nissan dealer, Montgomery Nissan, has listed four items that we consider essential to get you back on the road and on to your destination or to a location where repairs can be made if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

  1. Charged cell phone (and charger): You can’t call for help in an emergency if you don’t have the means to do so. If you’re travelling on more isolated roads, you may find it difficult to flag down a Good Samaritan. Do yourself a favor and make sure your cell phone is charged before you start your trip, especially if it’s going to be an extended one. You cell phone is your lifeline after all, but without power, it’s just another hunk of plastic.
  2. Can of foam tire sealant: The most common problem one can encounter on their travels is a flat (or almost flat) tire. Sometimes you may find yourself in an area where it’s simply too dangerous to attempt a fix on your own. The shoulder of the road may be uneven, you may be by yourself and therefore not in a position to check for oncoming traffic, or you simply may not have the tools, the expertise, or a spare tire. In a case like this, a can of foam sealant is worth its weight in gold, often sealing your flat sufficiently to allow you to continue your trip until you reach a more advantageous position or tire repair service like that of Montgomeryville Nissan.
  3. Sand: Sand provides excellent traction on snowy or icy roads, and depending on the time of year you travel, there’s a definite possibility that you’ll run into one or the other—or both—in the Philadelphia area. This is a quick and obvious solution to being stuck on the road.
  4. Gloves: Temperatures in the Philadelphia area can get down to single digits during the winter, sometimes even dipping all the way to zero. It’s all well and good if you can wait in your nice warm car for help to arrive, but if you have to make a quick repair on your own, you’ll find your fingers work much better if they aren’t frost bitten. You will save yourself considerable time if you don’t have to retreat to the warmth of your vehicle periodically while working.

And remember, it never hurts to have a bit of duct tape handy, too. It’s essential to keep emergency solutions to unpredicted roadside situations in your car while traveling to and from the Philadelphia area—or anywhere. However, keeping your emergency kit in your car can only do so much at certain times. Make sure to keep your vehicle up-to-date and in good working condition to minimize these situations by scheduling a service appointment at Montgomeryville Nissan. We would be happy to assist you with any service you need!