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Cell Phone Laws: PA DE & NJ

PA, DE & NJ Cell Phone Laws

Since most of our Nissan customers live in PA, DE and NJ we thought it might be helpful to post the various cell phone laws for those states.

There are many drivers who try to drive and talk on cell phones. One of the other things they try to do is send text messages while they are driving.

Both of these behaviors are dangerous and can cause accidents. Some accidents that result from talking on a cell phone have been deadly.Cell Phone Law

There are laws in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey that restrict cell phone use by drivers.

Pennsylvania Cell Phone Laws

If you drive in the state, it is now illegal to text on your cell phone while driving. Officers who see drivers texting can stop them and write a ticket for that offense. Texting while driving carries a $50 fine. Points can also be added to the license of the person driving.

Talking on a cell phone is not against the law though. People can still talk while they are driving because a law has not been passed in the state yet. However, some cities in the state have banned the use of cell phones by drivers.

Delaware Cell Phone Laws

Officials in the state do not play when it comes to using cell phones while driving. Almost 20,000 tickets have been written for using a cell phone while driving.

There are different fines depending on how many times you have been given a ticket. The highest fine is $200. If you receive this many tickets, you will have about three points on your license.

Drivers are not allowed to use cell phones for any means while behind the wheel of a car. This includes hands-free devices.

Bus drivers and other people who have a commercial license who do not abide by these laws will have their offense on their driving record. They could also lose their job if they repeatedly disobey the law.

New Jersey Cell Phone Laws

It is now a primary offense to use a cell phone while driving in this state. If you are stopped for using a cell phone, you will face a $100 fine. Points will not be added to your license. Hands-free devices are not illegal, but officials suggest that you do not use them while driving.