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How to Check your Tire Tread

how to check your tire treadDo you know when your tires will need to be replaced? Depending on the types of roads you travel, how often you keep up with tire rotations, and how old your tires are, it’s possible for your tires to wear out before the recommended six-year lifespan or even far exceed it.

One easy way to tell if your tires are due for a change is checking your tire tread. At Montgomeryville Nissan we want our local drivers in Montgomeryville, Lansdale, and Doylestown to practice the utmost car safety, which is why we’re setting out to make checking your tire tread a reflex you can stow away and quickly access when the time comes to measure your tire tread.

Why Check Tire Tread

Tread measures just how worn down your tires are; as it so happens, tires that are more heavily used show greater tread wear. The primary reason to check tire tread involves the on-road safety of you, your passengers, and other cars on the road.

If the tread on your tires is worn too heavily, they’ll have trouble providing enough traction to keep your car steady on slippery roads in the case of messy weather conditions. High tread wear can even cause problems when driving on steep inclines. Lastly, an exaggerated sense of stress put on under-performing tires can lead to undue strain put on other systems throughout your vehicle that can decrease overall performance.

To keep you safe and all of your car’s inner workings performing as they should, it’s a good idea to check on your tire tread if your tires are more than a few years old or if they receive heavy use. As long as you have some loose change, you’ll quickly be able to tell if your tires need a change.

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Don’t Dread Tire Tread

As you can see, measuring tire tread is both quick and easy by the simple-yet-reliable penny trick standards. Though straightforward, this test can be a literal life saver.

Penny Test: Good Thinkin’, Lincoln

The tire penny test has been keeping drivers across the country ahead of their tire maintenance for many years because of this simple DIY evaluation that gives you an accurate read on tire tread.

checking tire tread with a penny

First, place your penny into the groove of one of your car’s tires. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tread has far exceeded safe tread depth and your tires should be replaced ASAP.

If Lincoln’s head is covered at least partly by tire tread, your tires have more than 2/32 of an inch of tread left, meaning your tire still has a safe amount of traction remaining above its grooves.

To get a true test of the tread wear, do this same measurement across several different grooves in each tire and be sure Lincoln’s noggin isn’t totally visible in any one area.

If you’re a Montgomeryville driver with penny results that point to excess wear, be sure to bring your car or truck to Montgomeryville Nissan’s service center for a quick tire replacement. We carry the top tire brands in an array of popular model sizes.

And if you’re unsure about borderline penny test results, bring your vehicle by and our highly skilled technicians will give you a tire inspection and let you know the next best move. Don’t continue to tread on thin tires — schedule an appointment for your tire service online with us today!