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How Much Maintenance Do Nissan GT-Rs Require?

How Much Maintenance Do Nissan GT-Rs Require?

All automobiles run more efficiently, suffer fewer mechanical problems and retain higher resale values when car owners follow recommended service schedules. Proper maintenance depends on time intervals, driving habits and road conditions, and the Nissan GT-R has many proprietary mechanical, emission and safety systems that require special tools, skills and original equipment manufacturer parts for best performance, warranty validation and safety considerations.

Montgomeryville Nissan Offers Comprehensive Maintenance

People who live in Montgomeryville, Philadelphia, Allentown, and Reading or in the Trenton area of New Jersey can choose Montgomeryville Nisan for their service needs and get proper maintenance and repairs from factory-trained technicians, detailed explanations for each maintenance service and the latest diagnostic and repair tools, equipment and Nissan technical information.

  • Montgomeryville Nissan offers full-service, free estimates and precise maintenance schedules that fit the makes and models or each car and the driving habits of each car owner.
  • Services include oil changes, fluid top-offs, heating and cooling systems service and repairs, brake system inspections and engine diagnostics.
  • OEM parts insure longer life and that parts and accessories match precise tolerances for safety and performance.
  • Maintenance schedules take into account driving style, vacations plans, weather and road conditions.
  • The Nissan GT-R, a finely tuned high-performance machine, requires more attentive maintenance than family sedans or economy cars.

Recommended Service Intervals

New Nissan GT-Rs need an initial 1,000-mile review to optimize performance, adjust engine settings and troubleshoot transmission operation. Other service intervals should closely match the following schedule:

  1. Six Month of 6,000 Miles

    Owners should change oil and filter and get a qualified Montgomeryville technician to inspect brake pads and rotors, steerage gear and linkage, ball-joints, exhaust system, axle and suspension parts, propeller shaft and drive shaft.

  2. One year or 12,000 Miles

    One-year service requires another oil and filter change, replacement of in-cabin microfilters and inspection and replacement of any worn parts. Systems to inspect include brakes, exhaust, differential oil, transmission oil, steering assemblies, air-pump cleaners, driving performance at low and high speeds and an examination of suspension systems and the throttle chamber for irregularities and mineral deposits.

  3. Eighteen months or 18,000 Miles

    Engine, differential and engine oil and filters need replacement at this time. Technicians should inspect all the same systems they examined for the six-month check.

  4. Two-year or 24,000 Miles

    Repeat all the inspections and oil changes for one-year inspections and replace engine coolant.

Similar inspections and replacements should continue at six-month intervals, repeating the cycles of maintenance. Hard driving, bad weather or heavy city driving could accelerate the timetable.

Montgomeryville Service Records, Coupons and GT-R-certified Repairs

Montgomeryville Nissan offers warranty service, trained technicians, custom service schedules that reflect drivers’ habits and special equipment to keep Nissan GT-Rs running at top condition. Service records from authorized Nissan dealers protect warranties and preserve higher resale values for cars, so owners should consider regular maintenance an investment. Montgomeryville Nissan offers service coupons, OEM accessories, friendly service and clear, upfront estimates on all work.