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How To Properly Wash Your Nissan

There are many different ways to wash your car. However, if you want a properly washed car, you should avoid taking your car to the car wash. With the right tools and knowledge, you can give your car a perfect wash in the comfort of your own driveway.

Wash mitts.
A quality car wash mitt can make your car washing experience easier and more fun. Ideally, you want a car wash mitt that can hold a significant amount of water. Most rags will not be very effective for this purpose because they are too thin and have a tendency to smear dirt onto your vehicle. A quality mitt will also be easier to clean.CarWash

Wash bucket.
Another essential tool for car washing is the wash bucket. You should use a five gallon bucket to hold your car wash solution. Using a second bucket for rinsing the car is typically the most effective method. As a result, you can rinse your mitts after washing each area and avoid leaving dirt smudges on your vehicle.

Wash nozzle.
Choosing the appropriate nozzle to wash your car is essential. The most effective nozzle will include a variety of sprays to adapt to each step in the washing process.

Car shampoo.
Avoid using dish soap to wash your car. There are specialized shampoos designed specifically to clean your vehicle. Be sure to purchase a quality shampoo because cheap versions may lack the proper ingredients to clean your car effectively.

After you have purchased the necessary tools for the job, it is time to actually wash the car. The first thing you need to do is find the appropriate location to wash your car. Avoid washing it in direct sunlight because it will cause your shampoo to dry prematurely.

Always start washing at the top of your car. The bottom area is typically the dirtiest so you do not want to cross-contaminate. The wheels should be the last area of the car that you wash. When rinsing your car, be sure to use the open flow setting on your nozzle. Dry the car gently. It is important to apply as little pressure as possible.