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How to Properly Wax Your Car

When done correctly, waxing your car can make your previously dull automobile turn heads with its new glisten. Of course, just like with most car washing practices, there is a technique to waxing a car. That being said, you’ll find that when it comes to waxing your car, there are two different methods: machine waxing and waxing by hand.

Waxing by Hand:
Waxing your car by hand can be a very satisfying experience. Unlike waxing with a machine, waxing your car by hand allows you to get in even the smallest of nooks and crannies. That being said, below are some handy tips for waxing your car by hand.

  • Dry application is best: Before applying wax, it’s vital that you ensure that your car is completely dry. If you wax your car while it’s still wet, you’ll find that your wax smears resulting in a blotchy appearance. If you find that you have a hard time getting your car dry in a timely manner, microfiber towels may be a good investment.
  • Less is more: It’s a common misconception that more wax will leave your car looking better. In fact, the thinner the layer of the wax, the better the results. Instead of applying too much wax, use the philosophy “less is more” when waxing your car.
  • Finishing is Important: Finally, after waxing your car, finishing is the most important part.WaxMachine
  • Waxing By Machine:
    While waxing your car by hand has many benefits, waxing my machine is as equally beneficial.
  • Slow and Steady is Key: When waxing with a machine such as a polisher, it’s best to go slowly; most people find that using a medium setting on the polisher is the best setting.
  • Keep cords organized: One of the downsides to waxing with a machine, keeping track of the cords is very important. If a cord were to run across your car while waxing, you risk messing up your car’s paint job.Whether by hand or machine, the process of waxing your car can be both fun and rewarding. Happy waxing!