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Tips for Keeping your Vehicle Cool in the Summer

tips for keeping your car cool in the summerAt Montgomeryville Nissan, we understand that during the summer months, it can be excruciating getting into a hot car after it’s been sitting in a parking lot all afternoon. We hate to see our customers suffer from the extreme temperatures after purchasing their new Nissan vehicle. Extreme temperatures can be harmful to your body and can add unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle.

This summer, use one or more of the following tips to keep your car cool on hot days.

Find Shaded or Covered Parking

Whenever possible, seek out shaded or covered parking. If a garage or parking ramp isn’t available, a shaded street or parking lot space is the next best option. It’s worth walking a couple extra blocks to keep your car protected.

Parking in a garage or under a tree will still leave the car warm on a hot day, but it will be much more bearable than it would have been if the car were sitting out in direct sunlight.

If you do have to park in direct sunlight, leave the doors open for a couple of minutes before you get in the car.

Crack the Windows Slightly

Regardless of where you leave your car parked on a hot day, cracking the windows while you’re gone will allow hot air to escape. The opening should be smaller than the width of an adult’s arm so there’s no risk of someone getting into the car through the window. The inch or two of open window will still make a big difference.

Cover the Steering Wheel

Steering wheels tend to get really hot in the summer, even when you use a window shade or visor. The last thing that you want is to get delayed because the steering wheel is too hot to touch comfortably. Keep a small towel or blanket in the car that you can use to cover the steering wheel on hot days.

Use a Sunshade, a Window Visor, or Blankets

A sunshade or window visor is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep the car cooler in any hot summer environment. Store the shade or visor in the trunk and put it up in the front window any time you’ll be away from your car for more than a few minutes. If you’ll be gone for an extended time, think about adding a second sunshade to the rear window.

In a pinch, blankets can also help keep the seats cooler, especially if you have vinyl or leather seats. Lay blankets over the seats when you leave the car and then toss them on the floor or in the trunk when you get back.

Toggle the Air Conditioner Settings

If you have A/C, when you first enter your hot vehicle, set it to fresh air instead of recirculation. As recirculation pulls interior air, generally it works best after the vehicle reaches its optimal temperature. Recirculation is also a better option when you’re stuck in traffic on a warm day, as it keeps carbon monoxide emissions from other vehicles from getting into your car. Get into the habit of turning on fresh air when you get into the car and then switching to recirculation after you’ve been driving for five or 10 minutes.

Finally, no matter how many measures you’ve taken to cool off your car, you should never leave a pet or small child in the car during the summer. Cracking the window isn’t sufficient to ensure safety. It takes mere minutes for people or animals to suffer heat stroke in a car, even when the outside air temperature isn’t at a dangerous level. Don’t put your kids or pets at risk.