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2016 Nissan Maxima Dashboard Light Guide

Doylestown, Lansdale, and Montgomeryville drivers anxious to learn more about what their 2016 Nissan Maxima is trying to tell them can consult this handy guide and get the information they need. They can then schedule a service appointment and head to Montgomeryville Nissan if anything seems out of the ordinary about their 2016 Nissan Maxima’s warning lights.

System Check/Warning Lights

The majority of these lights will appear as you turn your ignition to ON and before you start the engine, letting you know that the systems are operational. After around three seconds, the lights should turn off to indicate that there are no issues.

If one of the lights happens to remain on after the engine is started or comes on during travel, the owner is advised to pull over and consult their manual as soon as it’s safe to find out if they need immediate servicing.

A warning light that activates under abnormal conditions indicates the following:

  • ABS Warning: Warns of malfunction with the anti-lock braking system.
  • Battery Charge: Indicates an error in battery charging system.
  • FEB System Warning: If equipped, this light will indicate a malfunction in the Forward Emergency Braking system.
  • TPMS Warning: The tire pressure monitoring system warning light activates during travel to indicate low tire pressure and flashes continuously for one minute when the ignition is turned ON to indicate an issue with the system itself.
  • Power Steering Warning: Lights during travel to indicate problems with power steering fluid levels or system functionality.
  • Supplemental Air Bag Warning: Remains lit after seven seconds to indicate a system malfunction, but it may also flash during travel to indicate severe malfunction. Consult your dealer if this light fails to turn on when ignition is switched to ON.
  • Seat Belt Warning: This light activates when the ignition is switched to ON and will remain on until the driver fastens their seat belt. The light may also activate when a front passenger doesn’t have their seat belt on. A chime will sound if this light is ignored, indicating the front occupants need to fasten their seat belts.

Master Warning Light

This symbol only lights up when there’s something important to inform you about regarding your vehicle. A red color indicates a more severe problem than a yellow color.

Consult your vehicle’s dashboard information display for more information. Possible issues can range from the parking brake remaining on during travel to transmission problems.

Indication Lights

These lights activate only when the system or feature they indicate is currently engaged.

  • Front Fog Light Indicator: Indicates front fog lights are activated.
  • Front Passenger Airbag Status Light: Can indicate that the front passenger airbag is deactivated when a front passenger below the recommended weight limit is detected.
  • High Beam Indicator: Indicates high beams are on.
  • Security Indicator Light: This light will blink when the ignition is set to OFF or LOCK as well as ACC for equipped models; indicates that vehicle security systems are active.
  • Side Light/Headlight Indicator: Indicates that front headlights or side lights are on but doesn’t indicate daylight activity.
  • VDC OFF Indicator: When lit, this indicates that the Maxima’s Vehicle Dynamic Control system has been manually switched off.
  • Slip Indicator Light: During low-traction driving situations, this light will activate to indicate that the Maxima’s VDC system is active.
  • Turn Signal Indicator: Lights to show the left or right turn signal is active accompanied by a rhythmic clicking. It indicates that the hazard lights are active when both directions are lit.

Troubled by What You See?

Doylestown, Lansdale, and Montgomeryville drivers who are worried about their 2016 Nissan Maxima warning lights based on this information or who are still looking for more answers can schedule their 2016 Nissan Maxima for a service appointment at Montgomeryville Nissan to keep their Maxima in top condition.