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Nissan Rogue Dashboard Lights

When you’re cruising through the streets of Philadelphia, Lansdale, and Doylestown in your Nissan Rogue, the last thing you want to see is the glow of a dashboard light. A car problem could uproot your entire day, but sometimes you don’t have to worry.

Not all dashboard lights on the Nissan Rogue mean something is wrong. When you know the difference between each dashboard light, you can have peace of mind while driving and never be caught off guard.

ABS Warning Light – This dashboard light appears as the letters ABS and indicates an issue with your anti-lock braking system. Although your normal brakes will function properly, it’s smart to have them assessed as soon as possible to prevent possible collisions.
Brake Warning Light – When you see the word BRAKE, there’s an issue with your brakes altogether. Get your Rogue to a service center immediately to ensure you’re safe to be on the roads.
Charge Warning Light – Appearing as a car battery, this light indicates that your battery isn’t properly charging. When you see this, pull off to the side of the road and turn off your engine, as well as any other electronic devices. Then, reach out to your service center for the next steps.
Power Steering Warning Light – When you see a steering wheel icon with an exclamation point light up on your Nissan Rogue, your power steering may be malfunctioning. Get into your certified service center right away, but be careful, as it’s much harder to steer without it.
Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light – This light appears as an oil can and illuminates when your oil pressure is low. This is essential for the proper functioning of your car, so get to a mechanic immediately.
Vehicle Dynamic Control Warning Light – This light appears as a vehicle with curved tread marks behind it and can mean different things. If the light is blinking, your vehicle may be close to losing traction, as the vehicle dynamic control system is reaching its limit. If it stays on, the system isn’t working right altogether.
Malfunction Warning Light – This light looks like an engine block and is the dreaded check engine light. When you see this, get over to a service center as soon as you can to assess the issue and make the necessary repairs.
Seat Belt Warning Light – This light looks like a person strapped into a safety belt and will illuminate (along with a chime) to remind you to buckle up. Do so to turn off this light and to keep safe and secure while on the roads.


Indicator Lights

All-Wheel Drive LOCK Indicator Light – Relevant only on AWD models, this light indicates that your AWD is turned on, as well as when your AWD is in LOCK mode.

High Beam Assist Indicator Light – When this driving-assistive aid is on, this light will shine, letting you know that this system is operational when your high beams are on.

High Beam Indicator Light – Appearing as a headlight, this light indicates that your high beams are on. This light will also illuminate when the passing signal is activated.

Malfunction Indicator LampMalfunction Indicator Light – This light will pop up on your dashboard when it detects a possible issue with our emission control system. However, it may also shine if your gas cap is loose or missing. If after checking to see your cap is installed properly and the light is still on, schedule an appointment with your dealership ASAP to resolve the issue.

Security Indicator Light – This light looks like a key inside the outline of a car and means that your security system is online. You should only see this while the ignition is off or in a locked position. When this blinks, it means everything is operational.

Turn Signal/Hazard Indicator Lights – When you turn on your turning signal, this light will activate to let you know what side you’re about to turn. Both sides will flash when your hazard switch is turned on.

Warning Lights vs Indicators

Remember, not all lights mean you have to plan a trip to the mechanic; some just indicate that one of the Rogue’s numerous features has been activated. You’ll see quite a few lights turn on as you start your car, but that’s just to notify you that they’re working.

The lights only mean something is up when they stay on after you’ve been driving. Warning lights are typically warm colors, like red or orange, while indicators are white or blue. Even if you forget what one of the lights mean, the color can tell you a lot about the situation you’re in.

Clear Your Dashboard When You Visit Montgomeryville Nissan Today!

If you find yourself faced with a serious issue as indicated by our Nissan Rogue dashboard light guide, don’t hesitate to bring it down to our Nissan dealership’s service center right away. The highly trained and experienced certified technicians in our service department know the Rogue inside and out, and can keep it on the road for as long as possible.

All Philadelphia, Lansdale, and Doylestown drivers are welcome to come by our service center for any repairs or maintenance they need. If you see a dashboard light indicating a problem, call us to schedule your service appointment today!