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Nissan Synthetic Oil

oil change dip stickYour engine is what powers your Nissan over the roads of Lansdale and Doylestown. And, to help it perform smoothly, plenty of high-quality oil is a must. Luckily, keeping your engine healthy is as simple as using Nissan synthetic oil.

To help you learn more about all the ins and outs of this all-important fluid and how it preserves the longevity of your vehicle, let’s take a look at this Nissan Synthetic Oil guide created by the service specialists at Montgomeryville Nissan.

After you’ve reviewed these tips from our service center, you’ll know more about how you can boost your automobile’s performance and lifespan with quality, synthetic oil.

What is Nissan Synthetic Oil?

pouring synthetic oilSynthetic oil is a modified version of conventional oil. During the modification process, the oil’s chemical structure is adjusted to function in a variety of scenarios. So, if you’re looking for engine oil that’s best for high performance automobiles, you’ll easily find one that’s right for your needs.

Plus, many synthetic oils come with additives that further enhance their ability to provide certain benefits, whether you’re looking for rust protection, protection for older vehicles, or any other type of advantage. That means that there’s a Nissan Synthetic Oil to fit the needs and performance abilities of all sorts of Nissan models.

Cleaner Engine

Like we mentioned above, Nissan synthetic oil is a purified, distilled version of conventional oil. Thanks to the modification process that synthetic oil undergoes, your motor will remain free of unnecessary impurities.

As a result, you’ll see less corrosion build up inside the engine between oil changes, and prevent sludge and other deposits from making a home inside your motor.

Better Performance

clean car engineWhen it comes to engine performance, more power equals more heat. So, to help your motor withstand the higher temperatures, it’s essential to equip it with high-quality Nissan synthetic oil.

Because synthetic oil breaks down more slowly than conventional oil, it can handle the speedy revolutions of turbocharged engines and is more capable of protecting the components from everyday wear and tear.

Improved Viscosity at Cold Temperatures

Cold weather causes your engine oil to settle and congeal, especially when your car is sitting outside overnight. Once you’re ready to hit the road in the morning, it takes some time for conventional oil to flow throughout the different parts of the motor, leaving the engine exposed to friction.

However, Nissan synthetic oil is designed to start flowing as soon as you engage the ignition. That way, the various components of your motor will have immediate protection and lubrication from synthetic engine oil. Consequently, your engine is more likely to stay healthy for years to come.

Nissan Synthetic Oil Change

On top of the other benefits of Nissan synthetic oil, this type of engine oil doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as its conventional counterpart. For the most part, cars that use synthetic oil can go 10,000 to 15,000 miles between oil changes.

If you happen to use extended performance synthetic oil, the number of miles your Nissan can withstand between service appointments increases even more. All in all, synthetic oil not only enhances the already potent performance of your Nissan, but it also helps you drive more between visits to your local repair shop. Learn more about oil changes or schedule yours now!

Learn More About Nissan Synthetic Oil Today!

At Montgomeryville Nissan, we’re committed to providing drivers near Lansdale, and Doylestown with the information you need to keep your vehicle healthy.

So, if you think your Nissan could benefit from Nissan synthetic oil, you’ll find the oil and services you need at our state-of-the-art facility. All you have to do is visit our center, give us a call, or schedule your synthetic oil change appointment today!