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Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program: Rodale, INC

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Hard work should always be rewarded. And, by reaping the benefits of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program near Montgomeryville, PA, you’ll receive special pricing on a stylish new Nissan automobile.

As your local Nissan dealer, Montgomeryville Nissan has teamed up with Rodale, INC, a leading publisher of health and wellness magazines, books, and digital properties, to provide its employees with a discount on your next vehicle. Ready to learn more?

Let’s check out the details of the Nissan VPP and how it can help employees of Rodale and other companies near Montgomeryville, Lansdale, and Doylestown score a new car!

Benefits of Nissan VPP

Nissan VPPTo begin, let’s take a look at some of the advantages you’ll have by participating in the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program:

  • As a Business Associate of the Nissan VPP, spouses or domestic partners of Rodale, INC employees can also opt into the discounts of this plan.
  • Nissan models included in the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program are offered at a pre-negotiated price.
  • The financing process for purchasing your Nissan works the same for those eligible for Nissan VPP benefits.
  • Any applicable rebates or incentives available at the time you buy your Nissan vehicle can be used in conjunction with the Nissan VPP pre-negotiated price.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to partaking in the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program offered by our dealership.

What is the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program?

Now that you know more about what you stand to gain from the Nissan VPP, it’s time to learn more about what exactly this program is.

First and foremost, the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program provides Nissan employees, affiliates, and business associates with special pricing on a selection of Nissan vehicles.

By offering you the option of a new Nissan vehicle at a pre-determined price, all you’ll need to worry about is which model is right for your family and needs.

So, regardless if you need a large SUV that can fit lots of passengers, a sporty sedan for your weekend getaways, or any other type of vehicle, you’ll get your hands on the car of your dreams at an exclusive price. It’s that simple!

Who is Eligible for the Nissan VPP?

Nissan VPP EligibilityEager to reap the benefits of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program? Well, it’s easy to determine whether or not you qualify for the Nissan VPP. Here are the requirements:

  • Direct, Full-Time Employee of Rodale, INC (or another Business Associate)
  • Spouse/Domestic Partners of Direct, Full-Time Employees
  • Must live in the continental United States, Hawaii, or Alaska

After you’ve verified that you are a direct, full-time employee of a partnering company, you’ll want to bring some form of employee identification with you to your Nissan dealership. Some of the documents we accept are:

  • A copy of your current paycheck stub
  • Company-Issued Photo ID
  • Letter from HR Department stating active employment

From there, the knowledgeable financing associates at your dealership will assist you in creating a buying or leasing plan that’s customized to fit your lifestyle. Then, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line and sail home behind the wheel of your new Nissan vehicle.

Rodale, INC & Nissan VPP: Learn More Today!

At Montgomeryville Nissan, we’re committed to providing dedicated professionals near Lansdale and Doylestown with everything you need for an enjoyable drive.

By partnering with local businesses, like Rodale, INC, and equipping you with the perks of the Nissan VPP, we help you face every commute to work inside a dynamic automobile.

Ready to learn more about how the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program can benefit you, and if you qualify? Simply visit our showroom or schedule your test drive today!