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Nissan VPP: Fiserv Lending Solutions (Houghton International)

Purchasing a new vehicle should always be exciting and hassle-free. Well, the team at Montgomeryville Nissan just made that easier for the busy professionals at Fiserv Lending Solutions, a global leader in financial services technology solutions.

By offering the benefits of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program to eligible employees, affiliates and business associates of Nissan North America can snag the car of your dreams at a special price.

As part of our dedication to the hardworking professionals across Lansdale and Doylestown, we’re thrilled to help you learn more about the advantages of choosing the Nissan VPP. Let’s check it out!

How Does the Nissan VPP Work?

Put simply, the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program provides select Nissan affiliates and partnering businesses with an assortment of Nissan models at a pre-negotiated price.

In addition, the Nissan VPP specials are only available to those who qualify. That means that the employees of partnering businesses have the opportunity to tap into offers that aren’t available to drivers who aren’t eligible for the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program.

On top of that, the Nissan VPP presents a lineup of Nissan models that are adorned with the advanced technologies and capabilities you need to make the most of your commutes to work.

So, no matter if you’re looking for a sporty sedan, a dynamic SUV, or any other type of car, you’ll be equipped with plenty of options from which to choose.

That way, you’ll find a vehicle that perfectly aligns with your unique lifestyle and busy schedule—whether you have a family or hit the roads solo.

Nissan VPP & Fiserv Lending Solutions: The Benefits

Used Cars near West Point, PAAs if that weren’t enough, the VPP presents other benefits that make it even easier for members of your family to enjoy.

For example, spouses or domestic partners of Business Associate employees are also welcome to participate in the discounts included in this plan. With that additional advantage, you and your loved one can search for your ideal automobiles together.

Am I Eligible for the Nissan VPP?

As long as you are a direct, full-time employee or a spouse/domestic partner of a direct, full-time employee of one of the Nissan VPP Business Associates or Nissan affiliates, you’re free to reap the benefits of this program.

To qualify for the Nissan VPP, you must also be a resident of the continental United States, Hawaii, or Alaska.

What Should I Bring to My Nissan Dealership?

Finance at DealershipNow that you’ve verified that you’re an eligible recipient of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program, it’s time to gather a few documents that’ll help the professionals at our Nissan dealership confirm your identity.

So, before you hop inside your car, make sure you have one of the following proofs of employment with you:

  • Company-issued photo ID (must include your name and your company’s name)
  • Current paycheck stub
  • Letter from your employer’s HR department stating active employment

Once you’ve arrived at our showroom, one of our friendly representatives will assist you in browsing the inventory of Nissan models that fall under the Nissan VPP. From there, they’ll verify that you qualify for the program by checking your employment identification documents.

Learn More About the Nissan VPP Today!

Nothing should stand between you and a powerful vehicle that makes every moment of your commutes near Lansdale and Doylestown convenient and enjoyable.

That’s why the professionals at Montgomeryville Nissan is proud to offer the employees of businesses like Fiserv Lending Solutions the perks of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program.

Ready to learn more about the advantages of this plan? All you have to do is visit our showroom, give us a call, or schedule your test drive today!