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Nissan VPP Discounts for Visteon Corporation

Nissan VPP Program Car buyers have many resources for getting discounts on a new car, including manufacturers’ online rebates and negotiation tactics with the dealership. However, your employer could help you, too. The Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP) rewards Nissan employees and those employed by affiliated businesses, such as Visteon Corporation, with a specified discount on new Nissan cars. The Nissan VPP for Visteon employees can benefit many drivers in the Lansdale and Doylestown areas.

What the Nissan VPP Offers

Nissan VPP OffersMost people who work full-time for Nissan, an affiliated car dealership, or a business associate will qualify for the Nissan VPP. When you go to the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program website and enter your name and your employer’s credentials, you’ll receive your claim number. Go to your local Nissan dealership and show the team your claim along with proof of your identity and employment.

The VPP allows you to buy a car for yourself or a family member. You can use a total of eight claim numbers, at a maximum rate of two per calendar year. Therefore, you can buy new cars for you and your spouse one year and new cars for your licensed children the next.

Occasionally, Nissan will grant a VPP discount to those who don’t actually qualify for the program. For example, those individuals whose cars were lost or severely damaged by a natural disaster can buy a replacement car at a lower price. The owners must show proof of their loss from an auto insurance company in order to get the discount.

Visteon Corporation

Visit the Nissan VPP website to see if your employer is listed as a participating business. Many businesses, including Visteon Corporation, work along with the automaker to improve the cars’ performance and functionality, and Nissan chooses to reward their employees with significant savings on new Nissan vehicles.

With approximately 10,000 employees in 19 countries, Visteon Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of automobile cockpit electronic equipment. These items include gauge clusters, display screens, and infotainment systems. The corporation also offers tech support and software upgrades for the infotainment systems. The VPP is a way to show appreciation for Visteon employees’ excellent work and support. If you are a current employee or married to one, find out if you qualify for this special deal.

Let Montgomeryville Nissan Help You

Nissan Car Dealership Go with a Nissan dealership you can trust. Our dealership believes in the Nissan VPP and our team will happily help you use your claim number. Montgomeryville Nissan has a huge inventory of new cars. Whether you want to buy a Nissan Rogue or an Altima, you’ll find plenty of models and colors to choose from.

Our dealership also offers more ways to save money on a new car. For example, we offer discounts on cars for recent college graduates. You can also earn some money back if you turn your leased car in early for a new Nissan. Ask a staff member or go online for more information.

Buy a New Nissan Today

The Nissan VPP is an excellent way to save money on a new car. Nissan employees and business associates, such as Visteon Corporation, can benefit from this program for years. If you qualify and live near Lansdale or Doylestown, contact Montgomeryville Nissan today to buy your dream car.