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Noises that Indicate Your Car Needs Maintenance

We’ve all heard it — that little ping, bang, or squeal coming from your car. You may think that because it’s small, there should be no problem. However, those little sounds indicate your Nissan needs maintenance at Montgomeryville Nissan.

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Your Nissan requires essential services to preserve its performance. Without it, your vehicle loses power and is more likely to break down.

Squealing When Braking and Under the Hood

brakesIf you hear a squealing when you apply the brakes, your Nissan needs brake service. This high-pitched sound from your car stems from a little metal shim that makes the noise when the brake pads are low.  Squealing can also occur when the drive belt slips. To see if this is the cause of the noise, rev the engine and turn on the air conditioning unit to listen for a louder squeal. If it does, contact Montgomeryville Nissan for a service appointment.

Grinding When Braking

Hearing a grinding noise when you hit the brakes is a sure sign of trouble. When drivers forgo brake services, the initial squealing mentioned above changes into grinding. This aggressive noise indicates the brake pads have worn down completely. As a result, certain parts rub against the rotor, and the metal on metal contact creates the noise and critical damage.

Ticking When Stopped

Ticking in the engine compartment happens when your Nissan starts in cold weather. The sound should disappear after a minute or so. However, if it doesn’t then your vehicle may be suffering from lack of oil or other engine problems. So if you’re hearing a mysterious ticking noise after your Nissan has warmed up, contact Montgomeryville Nissan for a service appointment.

Banging In the Engine

engine_repairA bang, clunk, or knock under the hood is a sound you should never ignore. It could mean anything from a spark plug defect to a misfire in the engine to a damaged power component. The sound alone won’t tell you the direct ailment, but your local auto expert can. The second you hear a bang under the hood, schedule a Nissan service appointment as soon as possible.

Rattling Under the Hood

A catalytic converter handles reducing emissions. When it’s damaged, you’ll likely hear a rattling noise. This audible indicator can also suggest a problem with the camshaft belt. Both issues can spell complete engine failure if not immediately treated.

Roaring While Driving

A roaring noise indicates your tires need replacing or your wheel bearing needs repairing. To decipher which issue caused the sound, drive at a constant speed and move the steering wheel back and forth like you’re switching lanes. If there is a change in pitch when the wheel is angled, but reverts to the initial noise heard once straight, a bad wheel bearing is to blame. If this is the case, you’ll need to schedule maintenance at Montgomeryville Nissan immediately. Damaged wheel bearing can prevent wheels from moving rendering your car inoperable.

Hear Something, Say Something

The second you hear anything out of the ordinary while behind the wheel, schedule a Nissan maintenance appointment at Montgomeryville Nissan. Chances are this is your car telling you it needs professional help.

For more information about the sounds that indicate your Nissan needs maintenance, contact the service department at Montgomeryville Nissan at (888) 491-9635 today.