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Oil Change near Me

Taking care of your Nissan means getting regular maintenance. Though it may take a bit of planning, online scheduling at the dealership, service specials, and a friendly environment make the whole experience easier. Probably the most important regular maintenance is an oil change, though many people have a lot of questions about why an oil change is important, when to get one, and where to get the service done. In an effort to help you make great decisions about your Nissan and help unravel the mystery that is the oil change, here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about an oil change.

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Oil Change FAQs

5 Signs Your Car Needs and Oil Change 

Maintaining Oil Properly In Older And Newer Vehicles

Nissan Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil

What Type of oil Does Your Car Need?

When Do You Really Need An Oil Change

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Why should I get an oil change?

Inside your vehicle are thousands of metal parts working together like a factory of shifting gears to keep your vehicle moving. The oil travels between all of these parts to keep them lubricated so they don’t rub directly against each other. If they did rub against each other, they would damage each other in the same way rubbing two sticks together tears apart the outside. When you don’t get regular oil changes, not only do you risk damage to your engine, but your vehicle also won’t work as efficiently. Just be sure to get your oil changed by a technician who’s specially trained to work on Nissan vehicles. They know your vehicle best and there is no better place than Montgomeryville Nissan!

Which oil is right for my Nissan?

There are two choices in oil: synthetic or conventional. The differences between the two are basically cost and time. Environmentally, they have about the same impact. Synthetic oil will last two to three times longer than conventional oil, so you’ll be able to go longer in between oil changes. However, synthetic oil usually costs about twice the price of conventional, so you’ll really be spending the same amount of money. The choice is yours: Do you want to pay more to wait longer? Or spend less right now and come in again sooner?

When should I get my oil changed?

Your owner’s manual lists two severity levels for your driving to help you better estimate when you should get your oil changed. These two levels are usually regular and severe. How often you get your oil changed is ultimately up to you, but you can usually tell when you should because your car will start to feel sluggish. Or you can talk to your local service technicians for a recommendation based on what they see during your next oil change.

Where should I get my oil changed?

Getting regular maintenance on your vehicle is the most important thing you can do to keep it healthy and in good shape. The best place to get that maintenance done is where the technicians are competent, the prices are fair, and the service is convenient. The best people to service your Nissan are the people who are trained specifically on Nissan vehicles. You’ll want to make sure the services prices are fair and reasonable, so that’s why dealership service specials can be helpful. Convenience features such as online scheduling, a friendly staff, and convenient service center hours are important because they keep you coming back. You’ll also want to find an oil change location near you.

At Montgomeryville Nissan, we keep all of these things in mind with every oil change and every service. We want you to enjoy your experience at our service center, and we want to keep our relationship going strong. Let us know when you’re ready for your next regular maintenance, and we’ll have you out of the Nissan service department and back to your life before you know it. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you might have.