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Oil Change

oil change

Reliability is a huge reason you choose to purchase one vehicle over another. One major factor about reliability is that vehicles require routine maintenance, such as inspecting key components and topping off fluids. In order to keep your engine running at tip-top shape, you need a regular oil change.

Oil changes are necessary for the life and health of your vehicle, and to prevent engine wear and tear. While it’s not always the most convenient to take a trip to your local service center, your engine, and the overall life of your vehicle, depend on this sort of maintenance.

5 Signs Your Oil Needs to be Changed

Oil Change Montgomeryville, PA

Why Is Changing Oil Necessary?

oil change

You know it’s necessary to get your oil changed, but you may not know why. Your vehicle’s engine has rapidly moving pistons that create the combustion to power the vehicle. Oil provides the protective barrier for pistons to fire. If you think about it, pistons are firing thousands of times each minute, and that shows how important oil is as a lubricant. When you get an oil change, the old, contaminated oil that has lost its viscosity is drained out, along with debris that can accumulate near sensitive-moving engine parts. If you don’t get your oil changed routinely, you are shortening the life of your vehicle, as the engine suffers wear and tear.

How Often Should the Oil Be Changed?

oil changeThe old adage used to be that your oil needed to be changed every 3,000 miles, but that’s no longer the case due to advanced engine designs and the fact that synthetic oils are commonly used. Nowadays, most car makers recommend an oil change sometime between 5,000 and 10,000 miles. You should check your owner’s manual because this estimate can vary, especially depending on the year of your vehicle. The time frame to think about is that it should typically be done around every five months, but of course that depends on how often you drive and the type of driving you do. For example, city miles put more wear and tear on your engine than highway miles.

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oil change


Change Your Oil with the Help of Montgomeryville Nissan

If your vehicle needs an oil change, then you should stop by our maintenance center at Montgomeryville Nissan. Our expert service technicians handle all vehicle types, not just Nissan models. Along with your oil change, we can inspect other important parts of your vehicle that need routine maintenance. Call us or check out our website to schedule an appointment today!