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10 Signs of Potential Transmission Issues

Transmission trouble is one of the most significant and common car problems you can experience. It’s a part of the vehicle that can malfunction in many ways, and finding the cause of the problem can oftentimes be quite difficult. If your transmission is going through troubling times, it will undoubtedly have an immediate negative effect on your engine and the overall efficiency of your vehicle. If you find that you need transmission help, call our dealership. Think it may be time for a new car?  Shop our new inventory!

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1. Noisy transmission

The gears of your transmission slowly but steadily wear themselves down over time. This and other factors could easily cause strange noises to occur while shifting gears or moving out of an idle position. Clanging, banging or screeching could indicate problems, and solutions range from simple- like replacing the transmission fluid – to costly and complex – such as replacing the transmission completely.

2. Muddy fluid

Speaking of transmission fluid, it should have a slightly sweet smell (please don’t attempt tasting), and it should be bright red in color. If your vehicle’s fluid starts to look murky, do what you can to get it changed immediately at our service center near Philadelphia.

3. Burning smell

The smell of something burning could be evidence of an overheating transmission. This smell, which can also be similar to rot, is a potential fire hazard, so be sure to bring your vehicle into the shop for a fluid change if you’re ever unfortunate enough to experience such a stench.

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4. Leakage

The aforementioned smell may also point to some kind of leakage from your automobile. Whether it’s oil or transmission fluid, your transmission will suffer from a lack of whatever you’re leaking. Make checking for leaks a regular part of your car maintenance schedule. Waiting to take your car in for a check-up often results in far bigger problems.

5. Slipping Transmission

If your transmission is slipping gears, it has the potential to pop out of gear while you’re driving. It should go without saying that this is a serious cause for concern. This is a very common issue that comes as a result of structural problems or a lack of enough transmission fluid.  Reach out to our dealership near Lansdale, PA if you have any questions.

Philadelphia, PA | Transmission Repair

6. Delays in movement

If your vehicle stalls for a second or two before moving after shifting gears, it should warrant your concern. Car owners experience this issue commonly, for a variety of different reasons, and it could indicate a variety of different issues. Whether it serves as evidence for gear box malfunction or transmission fluid problems, bringing your vehicle into the shop is a must.

7. Surging

“Surging” is often a sign of contaminated transmission fluid. When your transmission becomes too polluted, your vehicle may begin to jump forward or fall back for no apparent reason. Again, a transmission fluid flush could be all you need to solve this problem.

8. Refusal to reverse

Sometimes, unfortunate car owners come to a point where their vehicles refuse to move at all when put in reverse. Cold weather can make this a much more common problem, and it’s a significant, albeit obvious sign that your transmission is in big trouble.

9. Engine lights

Maybe you’re wise enough to pay attention to this obvious sign of engine trouble (it being a literal sign for engine trouble and all), but you’d be surprised by how many owners ignore their engine lights until irreparable damage has been done.

10. No starting/slow starting

Another seemingly straightforward symptom of transmission trouble is when your vehicle won’t start, or only starts after several attempts. This problem also becomes more frequent in the cold. As usual, you should bring your vehicle to Montgomery Village Nissan’s service department to avoid those aggravating winter mornings.

Learn more about transmissions service and repair at Montgomeryville Nissan near Philadelphia and Lansdale, PA!