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Preventative Maintenance

At Montgomeryville Nissan, we’re always looking for smart ways to help our local drivers in Doylestown and Lansdale stay safe on the road, steer clear of costly repairs, and get the best performance from their Nissan vehicles. The number one method we circle back to time and time again? Preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is a series of smaller inspections, repairs, and double-checks that add up to big savings for your wallet and the safety of you and your passengers while on the road. Check out the following preventative maintenance tips that will help you keep your Nissan in top-working condition.

Preventative Maintenance Articles:

Works Like a Well-Oiled Machine

preventative maintenance

The best favor you can do for your Nissan is checking and changing fluids on a regular basis. Fluids that travel through your vehicle’s internal systems have countless benefits, from keeping your engine from overheating to ensuring that the inner workings of your transmission work in perfect harmony.

Over time, fluids break down and lose their lubricating powers. Old or dirty fluid can cause major deterioration to the essential systems they’re meant to help, which is why keeping an eye on levels and changing fluids as needed is our number one recommendation for preventative maintenance.

The most frequent fluid to change: Engine oil and filter changes should be done every 3,000 to 10,000 miles of driving.

Never Loses the Power to Stop

Monitoring brake system performance can save you from costly repairs and dangerous driving. Just thinking of the stop-and-go traffic puts on your brakes gives you a whole new appreciation for the roles of your Nissan’s intricate braking system.

The components that are most likely to need replacing include worn brake pads, warped rotors, or a leak in your brake lines. Conducting regular brake checks at each oil and filter change can help you be sure that your brakes always have your back.

Check your brakes at each oil change; brake pads will most likely be due for replacement at this time, and brake rotors can last at least twice as long as pads.

Doesn’t Leave You Stranded

Preventative MaintenanceA car battery that retires early can quickly ruin your plans for the day. Take preventative measures to help your battery live out its full life span by routinely popping under the hood for an informal inspection. Ensure that your battery stays clean of corrosion and dirt and periodically test charge levels.

While on the road, be sure to disconnect electronics before you get out of car. It pays to invest in a pair of quality jumper cables to keep in the trunk; they’ll come in handy sooner or later for your Nissan or a fellow driver’s.

Batteries call for replacing every two to five years. If your battery is more than three years old, bring your Nissan in for a full charge evaluation.

Service Center Benefits Abound

Auto experts at service centers have the expertise to diagnose hidden problems happening within your vehicle. Local Doylestown and Lansdale area drivers can schedule service appointments for their Nissan with Montgomeryville Nissan’s highly trained service team. Regular inspections and repairs allow you to have numerous systems checked at once so you leave with a holistic picture of current vehicle performance. Express service ensures that you’re in and out in a flash with all the safeguard benefits of preventative maintenance. Schedule or stop by today!