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Pros and Cons of the 2016 Nissan LEAF

If you’re considering the new 2016 Nissan LEAF, then you’ve probably read the reviews and studied the comparisons to determine if this is the best car for you—but do any of them ever discuss the pros and cons of the 2016 Nissan LEAF? Chances are… no, they do not.

2016 Nissan Leaf

Luckily, Montgomeryville Nissan is here to help you understand that all-important topic. With our guide to the pros and cons of the 2016 Nissan LEAF, you can learn everything right and everything wrong about this vehicle to decide if it really is for you.

Pros of the 2016 Nissan LEAF

A True Electric Performance

One of the biggest pros for the 2016 Nissan LEAF its ability to produce an exceptional fuel efficient performance. With its 80 kW AC synchronous electric motor and 24 kWh or 30 kWh lithium-ion battery, it provides a 100% electric performance. Overall, it can achieve a driving range of 126 city miles when equipped with the 24 kWh battery and 124 city miles with the 30 kWh battery.

Efficiency Meets Power

While the Nissan LEAF is best known for its fuel efficient performance, it’s also important to mention that this vehicle is also capable of generating 107 horsepower. Plus, unlike gas-powered vehicles, the Nissan LEAF uses its electric powertrain to reach peak torque almost instantly, allowing you to experience a thrilling ride just moments after you step on the accelerator.

Spacious, yet Compact

The 2016 Nissan LEAF is a compact vehicle, and that’s clear when you see its body. Measuring in at 175 inches long, about 70 inches wide and 61 inches tall, you’ll find it easier fit this vehicle into those tight parking spots in the city.

Don’t let its exterior size fool you. The Nissan LEAF offers a spacious interior. In total, it has 92.4 cubic feet of interior passenger volume, 42.1 inches of legroom in the front seats and 33.3 inches of legroom in the rear seats. On top of that, the LEAF offers up to 30 cubic feet of cargo room with extra storage space.

Access to Advanced Technologies

2016 Nissan Leaf DashboardWithin the Nissan LEAF, you’ll find a variety of advanced technologies designed to enhance your driving experience. It features the Nissan Navigation System, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio and Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant. Best of all, it comes with the Around View® Monitor. This safety feature uses four cameras to create a bird’s-eye-view of the vehicle so that you can park easily and avoid accidents.

The Only Con of the 2016 Nissan LEAF

No vehicle is perfect, not even the 2016 Nissan LEAF, and while we feel its pros outweigh its imperfections, there is one disadvantage we feel should be mentioned.

Slight Inconveniences When Charging

Since the 2016 Nissan LEAF is an electric car, it needs to be charged regularly. You can choose to have a special charging dock installed into your home to power up your vehicle in the comfort of your garage. Unfortunately, adding an in-home dock will cost extra.

There are also charging stations available, but they can be out of the way of your usual commute. However, for those in Philadelphia, Lansdale and Doylestown, charging stations can be found everywhere including dealerships like Montgomeryville Nissan. It’s located just minutes away so that you don’t have to stray far to power up your car.

Is the 2016 Nissan LEAF for You?

Again, the pros outweigh the cons of the 2016 Nissan LEAF, and this guide shows that, but to really confirm that this vehicle is right for you, you’ll need to experience its features and performance for yourself.

Interested in the 2016 Nissan LEAF? Then, take a closer look at all it has to offer at Montgomeryville Nissan. We proudly serve Lansdale, Philadelphia and Doylestown, so if you’re in the area, contact us to learn more about the Nissan LEAF today!