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Best Places to Drink in Philadelphia, PA

December 5th, or Repeal Day, is one of the biggest holidays in the Philadelphia area. It marks the end of Prohibition and every year, people all over the area come out to grab a drink in celebration. If you’re interested in joining the rest of the city to celebrate, here are a few of the best places to drink in Philadelphia for Repeal Day.

Bob and Barbara’s Lounge

bardudesBob and Barbara’s Lounge is a true Philadelphia bar, and is a great place to drink for Repeal Day. Since 1969, this bar has provided folks with the cold beer and cocktails they need to enjoy a night out on the town. And they’re the home and originator of the locally renowned Citywide Special, a great drink that includes a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a shot of Jim Beam.

Bob and Barbara’s Lounge is also one of the best spots to catch a live show. They set the stage for local performers, and they even present their famous Drag Show every Thursday where you can see the best female impersonators around.

Check out Bob and Barbara’s Lounge on Facebook for more information and live show details.

Monk’s Café

Love beer? Then celebrate Repeal Day at Monk’s Café. Known as paradise for all beer lovers, this eatery and beer emporium offers more than 300 beers from breweries throughout the entire globe.

They take their beer seriously at Monk’s Café. With more than 300 to choose from, they know finding that perfect brew is tough. That’s why they offer their Beer Bible. It has information for every bottle and beer on tap to help you find the beer of your dreams.

Plus, Monk’s Café is famous for their mussels, and it’s pretty easy to see why. They’re fresh, delicious, and pair well with just about every beer the bar offers. If mussels aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Monk’s Café features tons of different menu items you’re sure to enjoy.

Connect with Monk’s Café on Facebook for more information about their enormous beer selection.

Moriarty’s Pub

beerdudesTraditional Irish pubs are a common staple in Philadelphia, and Moriarty’s Pub is one of the best in the city. By combining the friendly atmosphere of a traditional Irish pub with the iconic flavors of Philadelphia, Moriarty’s Pub delivers a dining and drinking experience like no other.

They offer a huge selection of beers. From local brews like Yards IPA to famous Irish beers like Guinness, they have it all on draft. They also feature tons of bottles on their beer list so no matter what you prefer, Moriarty’s Pub is sure to have it.

If you’re looking for a great meal to pair with your beer on Repeal Day, you need to try their wings. Their chicken wings and buffalo chicken wings are known as the best wings in the city. They’re crispy, packed with flavor, and cooked to perfection. Plus, their menu includes a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and salads to satisfy your every craving.

For more information on drinks and menu items, check out Moriarty’s Pub on Facebook.


If you’re looking to celebrate Repeal Day in a quiet and classy place, make plans to head over to Tria on December 5th. It’s a casual spot that appeals to wine, beer, and cheese lovers all over the city.

Tria offers two types of places to drink. The Tria Café is small eatery where you can grab a bite, get a drink, and spend some quality time with friends. They have brunch, as well as different types of food and cheese. Plus, they have a huge selection of wine and beer to choose from.

The Tria Taproom is the establishment’s beer bar, and it features all your favorite bar foods with a twist to create a unique dining experience. The Tria Taproom also offers an extensive list of beers and wines on draft.

To learn more about their café and taproom, check out Tria on Facebook.

This year, celebrate Repeal Day with good friends and, of course, a good drink. Check out the best places to drink in Philadelphia listed above! And remember to always drink responsibly.