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When to Replace your Windshield Wipers

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They’re the most trusted accessory on your vehicle for those unplanned torrential summer thunderstorms and downpours. When you can’t see through your windshield because the rain is beating down on your vehicle or the rare hailstorm is serving up a summery mix of anxiety, ice, and possible dents to your vehicle, windshield wipers are here to assist your vision on the road.

However, these hardworking accessories often don’t get the care they need. But at Montgomeryville Nissan, we know the importance of your windshield wipers. That’s why we’ve provided some insight about when it’s time to replace them.

We’re talking about your windshield wiper blades. In older vehicles, they sit at the bottom of a windshield, while newer models usually have them nestled in a more secluded area: at the base of the windshield but slightly under the back end of the hood. In such cases, they’re even more easily overlooked.

How Long do Windshield Wipers Last?

Windshield wiper blades fit snugly against a particular windshield between six months and one year. Never try to install replacement blades that weren’t made for your specific vehicle. Replacement blades are designed to fit a specific make and model. If the blades are too long or too short, not only will they never work properly, they could end up damaging the vehicle or your windshield.

Both time and use can cause wear and tear on wiper blades. Even if a vehicle is used in an area that receives scant rain or snowfall, summer heat, sunlight, winter cold, and highway pollutants and emissions can damage the rubber on windshield wiper blades. Having compromised wipers can be dangerous.

How to Examine Your Windshield Wipers

It’s good practice to examine your windshield wiper blades at least every six months if there hasn’t been a recent rain or snow event. Pull up each wiper and examine the surface which comes in contact directly with the windshield. Bend that section slightly forward and backward to make sure there are no cracks or splits in the blade. If one appears, this is a good indication that you need new replacements.

How do Windshield Wipers Feel when They Need to be Replaced?

Run a finger all the way down the edge of the wiper blade. If you feel any nicks or cuts as you do this, that’s another indication that replacements are a good idea. Wipers should fit snuggly against the windshield to ensure optimum visibility. If nicks, cuts, or gaps are in the rubber, your visibility through the windshield will be impaired and is sure to only get worse.

Noises Your Windshield Wipers Make when They Need Replaced

If you notice your wiper blades making an unusual noise when in use, that is also an indication of wear damage. When blades chatter, squeak, or seem to skip across your windshield, that’s a sound or motion telling you it’s time to replace them.


If you’re in the need of replacement wipers, visit the parts center at Montgomeryville Nissan. We’re happy to help you take care of the most important convenience parts on your Nissan vehicle or used car. Visit us today at 991 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, PA 18936. Our service department and expert technicians are available Monday through Thursday from 7:30am-7:30pm, Friday from 7:30am-4pm, and Saturday from 8am-4pm. We look forward to seeing oyu!