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Top 3 Safest Nissans

Nissan constantly strives to make its vehicles as safe as they can be. In recent studies, three Nissan’s were chosen for their cutting-edge safety features. All three are in the small car category. They are the Nissan Leaf, the Nissan Juke and the Nissan Cube.

The Leaf is popular because of its energy-saving features and all electrical design. Fuel efficiency comes standard. First-class safety features also come standard. Safety features begin with all airbags as standard equipment.

The front passengers have front airbags and side impact airbags are also installed to help protect the driver and all passengers during a collision. Both the rear and front passengers are protected by overhead airbags that deploy when a rollover accident occurs.

The other two safety features in the Leaf are its anti-lock braking system and its stability control system. Stability control senses when the driver has lost control of the vehicle and acts immediately to slow the vehicle engine down and to apply braking.

There is also an anti-whiplash feature built into the Leaf to protect the driver’s and passenger’s heads in case of a rear collision.

The Nissan Juke also includes front, side impact and overhead airbags as standard safety equipment. These airbags not only protect passengers from impact, they also protect them from broken glass. The Juke also features anti-lock brakes and the exceptional Nissan stability control feature.

Awarded accolades for being one of the safest vehicles on the road, the Nissan Cube has received several prestigious awards from the federal government and from the National Institute for Highway Safety.

The Nissan Cube received the highest scores for front, side, roof and rear strength tests. The Cube also received a four-star rollover rating.

Nissan takes pride in its outstanding safety features. To see the newest models of Nissan Leaf, Juke and Cube, contact Montgomeryville Nissan today.

Montgomeryville Nissan proudly serves the communities of Philadelphia, Reading, Allentown and Trenton, New Jersey. They are happy to explain all of Nissan’s outstanding safety features to you.

Take a test drive and see for yourself the premier safety features of the Nissan Leaf, Juke and Cube.