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Top 3 Smoking Cessation Programs in Montgomery County, PA

Smoking is a disgusting habit that carries with it a variety of potential health risks. Quitting smoking is the best decision that you could make. Not only will your health thank you, but you’ll also notice that your wallet is getting heavier because you’re not wasting your money.

smokingcessationHowever, kicking this habit isn’t easy. There are a variety of different ways that include patches, gum, and vapor, but wouldn’t you want to quit for good? Here’s a list of the top three smoking cessation programs in Montgomery County, PA that can help you kick this habit and regain a healthy lifestyle.

Creative Health Services

Creative Health Services takes a different approach to helping you curb your addictions when it comes to smoking. The staff at Creative Health Services teaches you how to be in control of your lifestyle factors and choices. They’ll work with you to outline a plan that you can stick to in an effort to quit smoking. They understand you and your unique needs, and they’ll help you along the way to a healthier lifestyle where you don’t have to rely on cigarettes. Your addiction will be a thing of the past and you’ll be able to look forward to a healthy and smoke-free future.

Philly Hypnosis

Philly Hypnosis has been helping people with a variety of ailments and addictions through the power of hypnosis. Skeptics have discounted hypnosis over the years, referring to it as trickery, but the results speak for themselves. Most people go to hypnosis after several attempts to quit through different means. However, hypnosis has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to curb the smoking habit.

Philly Hypnosis has helped veteran smokers quit. People who have smoked a pack a day for 25 years can now breathe easily thanks to hypnosis. If you want to take quitting seriously, you may want to visit Philly Hypnosis to help you quit for good.

The Wellness Connection

The Wellness Connection has been providing comprehensive treatment for tobacco dependence since 1994. They provide an 8-week program with a tobacco treatment specialist to provide you with a one-on-one experience. Conveniently, you don’t have to leave work or home to get the help you need because all of the conferencing is done on the computer via video chat.

You can choose to quit via the patch, and the Wellness Connection will happily provide you with five weeks of free patches to help you quit. The Wellness Connection understands that getting the help you need doesn’t have to be inconvenient. You can make your own schedule towards getting rid of your cigarette habit.

Quitting smoking is a lot easier if you have help. All of these organizations offer helpful programs to help you quit smoking and pursue a healthy life. Quitting smoking has many benefits for your health, as well as the health of those around you.