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Top 5 Things to Always Have in Your Trunk

Be prepared! Every vehicle owner should have the following five things in his or her trunk.

Spare Tire

Most drivers do not use run-flat tires. A spare tire can save owners from having to pay expensive tow truck fees or from waiting for assistance in the event that a tire goes flat. Car owners in a hurry to get to work in the morning can spend minutes changing the tire or up to an hour waiting for a tow truck. Owners should carry a full-sized spare. A full-sized spare permits owners to change a tire and replace the old tire at their leisure, while a temporary spare tire will not be suitable for high speeds and more aggressive cornering.

Jack and Jack Handle

A jack and handle are also necessary to carry in the event of an emergency. A floor jack is necessary to help lift the vehicle for changing a tire, but is also beneficial for anyone who wants to lift a vehicle to clear an obstruction that they impacted on the roadway.

Trunk Mat

Automobile owners should use a trunk mat in their trunk. Trunk mats prevent spills, oily or muddy streaks, and abrasive materials from discoloring or damaging the trunk carpeting. Trunk mats can be easily removed for cleaning or replaced at little cost, leaving the vehicle intact.

First Aid Kit

Cars should contain a first aid kit for use in the event that anyone requires medical attention. A basic first aid kit should contain gauze, bandages, disinfectant, and extra water. It is not necessary to maintain a rolling intensive care unit, but owners should be ready to address minor injuries.

Warning Device

In the event of a collision, owners must ensure that other vehicles do not run into any obstructions left in the roadway. A reflective triangle or set of road flares will help alert other drivers to danger.

Most of these features are available from the factory or as options from the dealer. Montgomeryville Nissan stands ready to provide customers with these features and more.