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When to Replace Transmission Parts

Your transmission is arguably the most important part of your vehicle given that it is what transfers the power from your engine to your tires. Without it, you literally wouldn’t be able to drive. When your transmission isn’t in the best repair, it can cause a severe drop in fuel efficiency as well as put additional stress on your engine. To keep your transmission in tip top shape, get it regularly checked by your local service department at Montgomeryville Nissan.

There are several problems you may have with your transmission which have very clear symptoms.

These include the following:

The Check Engine Light is one of the first signs that there is a problem with the transmission. This light can mean several things; however, the most common problem associated with this light’s illumination is a transmission problem. This could be indicative of less severe complications, but it’s best to get it checked right away to ensure full functionality.

When to Replace Transmission

Any sign of Transmission Leakage could mean a transmission fluid leak. Your transmission fluid is what transfers the energy from your engine to your wheels. Without the proper amount of fluid, your engine will have to work much harder to transfer that energy. You can check for transmission leaks yourself by placing a large piece of cardboard beneath your engine. Look for any pooling. Red fluid indicates a transmission leak and requires immediate attention from a qualified service technician.

A Burning Smell can be a symptom of an overheating transmission. This will likely be caused by low transmission fluid levels. While transmission fluid can get low due to normal wear and tear, it can also be caused by a leaking transmission.

There are several Unusual Sounds you might hear from your transmission including grinding, thudding, and clunking. All of these are signs that your vehicle is having trouble changing gears, which is a result of a transmission problem. Your transmission should shift effortlessly and it shouldn’t make any loud sounds when doing so.

If you experience Grinding when shifting accompanied by shaking or wobbling, you may have a transmission problem. Again, your vehicle should shift into each gear with ease and any problem at all while shifting is largely indicative of a problem.

Problems Shifting Gears including delayed engagement are warning signs that something has gone awry. Your vehicle should respond to gear changes immediately including moving from Park to Drive or Park to Reverse. If your vehicle takes over one second to respond, you may have a problem. In this case, it’s likely time to replace some of the parts in your transmission.

When to Replace your Transmission parts

Schedule Transmission Service at Montgomeryville Nissan

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