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Vehicle Comparisons:
Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V

2021 Nissan Rogue White Desert Mountain Road Montgomeryville Nissan

If you are looking to buy a compact SUV, look at the list of best-selling SUVs. The Nissan Rogue and Honda CR-V both rank near the top of that list. You likely see these models every day while driving around the Doylestown and Lansdale, Pennsylvania, areas. The question then becomes, which will suit your active lifestyle and daily drives?

Both SUVs are high quality and very comparable with each other, but they do have some key differences to consider as well. Our Nissan Rogue vs. Honda CR-V comparison will help you determine which SUV is the better match for your needs. We’re here to help make your research process easier. Contact us at Montgomeryville Nissan today for more information.

Rogue vs CR-V: Performance

2021 Nissan Rogue Beauty Scarlet Ember City Montgomeryville NissanWhen it comes to the Nissan Rogue vs. Honda CR-V, both models are very similar in performance. Both cars are equipped with a 4-cylinder engine that offers a smooth and balanced amount of power. The Nissan and the Honda come with strong suspension systems that absorb most road imperfections, so you can drive over bumpy back roads with ease.

These SUVs are also evenly paced in their output. The Honda CR-V manages to produce 179 lb-ft of torque from its 1.5L engine. This is narrowly beat by the Nissan Rogue and its 181 lb-ft of torque from its 2.5L engine. This extra capability may be a difference maker for drivers looking to experience powerful exhilaration.

Exclusive to Nissan vehicles, the Rogue comes with Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission® with manual mode for a seamless drive, allowing you to accelerate and merge on the highway in one smooth and fluid motion. The Nissan Rogue also features two drive modes, Eco and Sport, to fine tune your drive to your desire. The Honda CR-V does not offer drive modes on all models, so you may need to do without.

Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V Interior Dimensions

2021 Nissan Rogue Interior Cabin Space Montgomeryville NissanBoth the Rogue and the CR-V have two rows with a seating capacity of five people. Cloth-covered seats are standard in each, and leather seats are optional but come standard in the top trims. Regardless of the trims you choose, the seats for both vehicles are very comfortable, great for those long drives.

While both SUVs offer plenty of legroom, drivers and passengers will feel more comfortable riding in the Rogue with its higher rooftop. For example, the Nissan’s front headroom is 41.1 inches, whereas the Honda’s front headroom is 40.1 inches. The Rogue also has almost two more inches of front legroom than the CR-V (43.3 inches vs. 41.3 inches, respectively).

Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V: Technology and Safety Features

2021 Nissan Rogue SV White Montgomeryville NissanBoth cars offer suites of excellent safety features in the form of the Nissan Safety Shield and Honda Sensing®.

The Nissan Rogue makes the Smart Shield standard in all trims, whereas Honda Sensing® is only available after upgrades.

Smart Shield comes standard in every Nissan Rogue, and includes a comprehensive variety of systems.

    • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection senses when there is a potential impact ahead of you and works to slow or stop the Rogue and mitigate damage. This is especially useful in crowded city streets with walkers and other traffic.

    • Rear Automatic Braking keeps your rear fender safe from harm. As you’re backing into your parking space, this feature will apply the brakes as you start to approach an obstacle. Backing into a spot is now even more convenient!

    • Blind Spot Warning lets you know when traffic is nearby but outside your field of vision. When you’re alerted to other vehicles near your blind spot, you’ll know to wait until you change lanes.

    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert lets you know when traffic is coming down the aisle so you can hit the brakes. Backing out of a parking space should be easy and convenient, and this system helps to keep you and your Rogue protected.

  • High Beam Assist senses when there is an oncoming vehicle and turns off your fog lamps until they have passed. The other driver will be thankful for this feature, and the Rogue will turn your high beams back on once traffic has safely passed.

One standard technology feature that Nissan boasts over the Honda is the Rear Door Alert. When you open and close a back door before driving, the alert system will make note of it. Once you exit your car after driving, a beeping sound will remind you that you have something in the back seat. This feature could be life-saving when you have a young child or pet in the car.

Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V: Infotainment Technology

2021 Nissan Rogue Interior Tech Montgomeryville NissanYou’ll be able to access many different fun and functional features through centrally located touchscreens in both the Rogue and CR-V. Whether you’re browsing music on the radio or accessing your phone’s main functions through Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay®, you’ll want a screen that is easily accessed.

The Nissan Rogue comes standard with an 8-inch NissanConnect® touch screen display. You can opt for the 9-inch screen for even more visibility, making it easier to use while out on the road.

The Honda CR-V comes standard with an LCD screen just 5 inches in size, while higher trims offer a touchscreen that’s only 7 inches. When it comes to touch screens, bigger is better with the Nissan Rogue.

Test Drive the Rogue at Montgomeryville Nissan

In the showdown of the Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V, both SUVs were very similar in some respects. However, drivers who like to stretch out might prefer having more room when driving the Rogue. For car buyers looking to get the most for their money, the Nissan also gives you more value on the safety and technology features.

If you live in the Doylestown or Lansdale, PA areas, stop by Montgomeryville Nissan today. Explore all the great features of the Rogue and decide if it’s the right car for you.