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Nissan Vehicle Technology Features

The first vehicle Nissan introduced to the U.S. market was the Datsun 1200 sedan in 1958, but Nissan was making vehicles long before that—as early as 1914. With a long history of creating amazing technologies, it’s no surprise that a company such as Nissan would be at the forefront of the technology race.

Nissan Around View MonitorNissan strives to keep safety as one of their top priorities. From keeping families safe to protecting the environment, Nissan has continued to research older technologies and build them to be better than ever before. There technology efficient vehicles are avaliable at Montgomeryville Nissan!

With all of the driving you do and the unpredictability of pedestrians, delivery trucks, bikers, and other drivers, you could do with a few safety technologies to help you see hidden dangers. Some of the technologies available with Nissan vehicles that help with safety include Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication (helps to prevent an accident if you hit the gas instead of the brake), Moving Object Detection, Active Trace Control (stabilizes the vehicle when going around curves), Active Engine Brake, Forward Emergency Braking (helps to stop vehicle in the event of a front-end collision), and Around View Monitor with Park Assist.

Nissan also focuses on the environmental cost of their vehicles, and they continue to develop and improve on already eco-friendly technologies.

Just a few of Nissan’s current environmental technologies include the following:

  • Eco mode, which helps to conserve energy by maintaining regular speeds and power use.
  • Smart Rev control, which helps stabilize energy use when going up or coming down a hill.
  • Idling stop, which brings the car to neutral and turns off major systems when stopped in order to conserve energy.
  • Eco pedal, which helps to reduce the amount of energy used by gradually increasing speed instead of an immediate burst.
  • Ultra Low Precious Metal Catalyst, which is a system that uses less precious metals than conventional systems.

With education in Japan since WWII focused on scientific and mathematical curriculums, Nissan has been able to further their technological advances beyond what many other companies have done thus far.

Nissan shares on their website a few of their future technology projects that are still in the works:

  • A smart rearview mirror would give drivers a more relevant picture of their driving environment.2015 Nissan Altima Technology
  • Autonomous drive would operate the car without much driver input.
  • The autonomous emergency steering system would help the driver to steer out of a possible collision.
  • A multi-sensing system with front and rear cameras would allow the driver to see what’s going on around the vehicle to give a more complete picture of the current safety situation.
  • A next-generation fuel cell stack is an environmentally friendly fuel source still under much scrutiny in the United States but has taken hold in Japan and is used for tasks such as powering homes.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new Nissan vehicle or are interested in what the company is accomplishing as far as technology, it’s clear Nissan is focused on moving forward with new innovations. In a world where we’re increasingly distracted, it’s reassuring to know that Nissan is working hard to perfect technologies to keep you and your loved ones safe.