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2016 Nissan Murano Dashboard Light Guide

2016NissanMuranoIf you’re driving down the road and an indicator light appears on your dashboard, it can be heart stopping. Is your car about to break down or is it just letting you know that the parking brake isn’t quite disengaged?

It can be helpful to keep a quick reference to the most important dash lights handy for just such a situation. Montgomeryville Nissan is happy to provide this 2016 Nissan Murano dashboard light reference for our Doylestown, Lansdale, and Montgomeryville drivers.

2016 Nissan Murano Warning Lights

A number of lights can pop up on your Nissan Murano’s dashboard. The ones you really need to be concerned about are the warning lights. These indicate that something might be wrong or there’s a problem you should address right away.

Here are some of the most common and important warning lights:

ABS System Lights

If you see the letters ABS appear on your dash, your anti-lock brakes have a malfunction somewhere. It may not mean that there’s an overall problem with the brakes, but if you need to brake in an emergency system, you might experience control problems. You should have this looked at as soon as you can.

Brake Warning Light

If you see an exclamation point inside a circle and parentheses or the word BRAKE, this could mean several things. The first is that your Nissan Murano’s emergency brake is still engaged. Obviously, this is a simple fix because you just need to turn it off. Otherwise, you could have low brake fluid or a dangerous issue with your braking system. Have a mechanic check it out.

Charge Light

2016 Nissan Murano DashboardIf you see a light that looks like a battery, there’s an issue with your Murano’s electrical system. It could just be that you need a new battery or it could mean that your alternator is bad. This means your car could shut off or break down unexpectedly. Call roadside assistance right away.

Oil Pressure

A light that looks like a dripping oil can indicates an issue with the oil pressure in your car. Shut off your engine and check your fluid level right away. You could do serious damage to your motor by driving with low oil pressure.

Power Steering Warning

If you see the letters PS light up, there’s an issue with your power steering. The car will, in this case, be harder to steer and control, and it’s an issue you should have addressed.

Master Warning

The master warning light, an exclamation point in a triangle, could carry a number of causes. Check the following or have your mechanic check it:

  • Your fuel is low
  • Your wiper fluid needs to be refilled
  • Your parking brake is engaged
  • Your fuel cap is loose
  • Tire pressure is low
  • No key

If you’re not sure what’s causing this light, contact your Nissan dealer or mechanic.

These are a few of the most important dashboard warning lights. Anytime a light pops up and you’re not sure what it means, you should have it checked out—better safe than sorry.

If you live in the Doylestown or Lansdale areas, contact us at Montgomeryville Nissan for help today!