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Nissan Rogue Dashboard Light Guide

Nissan Rogue Dashboard Lights | Philadelphia, PA

Your Nissan Rogue is a dependable vehicle that includes many dashboard lights and symbols to help you get an idea of what’s going on under the hood. Some of these symbols are hard to decipher, however, which can be stressful if one comes on while you’re driving around Montgomeryville.

Read on to learn about the meaning behind your dashboard lights with this guide.  Schedule a service appointment today.

Warning Lights and Indicator Lights

Philadelphia, PA | Nissan Rogue Dashboard LightsThere are two types of lights on your Nissan Rogue dashboard: warning lights and indicator lights.

Warning lights are typically red or orange, and these come on when there’s a serious issue in your vehicle. These lights may flash or remain steady, but in either case, you need to get to a service center to have your vehicle checked for any dangerous malfunctions.

Indicator lights are typically green, blue, or white, and are there to inform you that a system is active or engaged. These lights may also appear if you switch a system off, such as your stability control system.

Warning Lights

Here are some of the important dashboard lights on your Nissan Rogue:

  • ABS: Indicates a problem with your anti-lock brake system.
  • Battery: Relates to your battery and charging system; indicates a malfunction.
  • Nissan Rogue Dashboard Light GuideForward Emergency Braking: Comes on when you have your forward emergency braking system off, but if it’s active and the light is on, there may be a problem with the system.
  • Low Tire Pressure: Comes on if the system detects low tire pressure or a problem within the monitoring system.
  • Master Warning Light: Relates to many different systems within your Rogue. These can range from a loose gas cap to a failure in your engine, so it’s important to have your vehicle checked at our service center.
  • Power Steering: Comes on if your power steering fluid is low, or if there’s a problem with your power steering system.

Indicator Lights

Here are some important indicator dashboard lights on your Nissan Rogue:

  • Fog Light: Indicates that your fog lights are on.
  • All-Wheel-Drive Lock: Indicates that your all-wheel drive is on.
  • High-Beam Assist: Indicates that your automatic high beams are on.
  • Sidelight and Headlight: Indicates that your daytime lights or headlights are on.
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control: Indicates that your vehicle dynamic control system is active.
  • Vehicle Dynamic System OFF: Indicates that the vehicle dynamic system is currently off.
  • SPORT Mode: Indicates that your transmission is in “Sport” mode.

Visit the Service Center at Montgomeryville Nissan

Hopefully, this Nissan Rogue dashboard light guide gives you insight into your dashboard warning and indicator lights.

If you have any concerns about your dashboard lights, however, feel free to stop by Montgomeryville Nissan to discuss it with a qualified service technician. We’re always happy to help our Montgomeryville customers with all their vehicle needs, so visit us today to see how we can help or schedule your service now!