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Nissan Rogue Sport MPG

Nissan Rogue Sport MPG

While you’re commuting around Montgomeryville, the last thing you want to do is make frequent stops at the gas station. That’s why you need a vehicle that offers excellent efficiency, like the Nissan Rogue Sport.

Before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, we know it’s important to do your research. Continue reading to learn more about the Nissan Rogue Sport MPG. When you’re finished, contact our team at Montgomeryville Nissan with any additional questions!

What Are the Fuel Ratings of the Nissan Rogue Sport?

What Are the Fuel Ratings of the Nissan Rogue Sport?There are a variety of factors that contribute to the kind of fuel economy your vehicle receives, one of the most important being the powertrain. In the standard trim of the Nissan Rogue Sport, you’ll find a 2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine with an Xtronic® CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with manual shift mode.

If you opt for any of the configurations in the Nissan Rogue Sport lineup—the S, SV, or SL—you can expect to receive and EPA-estimated 25 city and 32 highway MPG.¹

What Makes the Nissan Rogue Sport Efficient?

Like we mentioned earlier, there are various factors that affect the overall MPG a vehicle can deliver. The Xtronic® CVT, which comes with manual shift mode, has a major contribution to the fuel ratings the Nissan Rogue Sport pushes out. The manual shift mode allows for much smoother shifts while driving, which not only improves overall acceleration but the kind of efficiency the Rogue Sport receives.

Did you know that the exterior design of a vehicle affects fuel economy, too? When you first look at the Nissan Rogue Sport, you’ll notice its sleek and curvy design. While this adds to the SUV’s bold style, it also creates an aerodynamic design, which is a contributing factor of efficiency. When a vehicle has great aerodynamics, it creates better drag, which reduces the need for fuel.

How Can I Cut Down on Fuel?

How Can I Cut Down on Fuel?The way your vehicle is built has a major impact on the fuel ratings you’ll receive. However, there are additional ways you can help cut down on fuel! While cruising the roads in your Nissan Rogue Sport, avoiding rapid braking and acceleration can help lower your gas mileage. Another thing you can do is limit the amount of cargo going into your vehicle. The more cargo you have, the more weight that gets added, which increases the amount of fuel being used.

The type of conditions and roads you’re driving on also have an impact on driving more efficiently. Driving in colder weather or inclement conditions, like snow and rain, can reduce fuel economy. This is because your engine lakes longer to warm up when it’s cold out. Lastly, be aware of what roads you’re driving on in your Nissan Rogue Sport. Traveling on hilly or rough terrain decreases fuel ratings. Vehicles receive the best fuel economy when driving on flat surfaces.

Discover the Nissan Rogue Sport Today

At Montgomeryville Nissan, we want you to be happy with all the features on your next vehicle. While there are tons of things to love about the Nissan Rogue Sport, you’ll be pleased with the top-notch MPG ratings.

If you’re a driver near Montgomeryville and want to get behind the wheel of the Rogue Sport, call our team at Montgomeryville Nissan to schedule a test drive today!

¹ 2020 EPA Fuel Economy Estimates. 25 City MPG / 32 Highway MPG / 28 Combined MPG for Rogue Sport FWD. 25 City MPG / 32 Highway MPG / 27 Combined MPG for Rogue Sport AWD. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions. Use for comparison only.