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Nissan Sentra Dashboard Light Guide

Your Nissan Sentra isn’t a talking car from a 1980s show, so you may not always know when it’s suffering from damage. Fortunately, your car can use the following dashboard lights to communicate any issues and its overall condition to help you provide the care it deserves. Check out this helpful guide below and contact us if you still have any questions!

Sentra Warning Lights

Nissan Sentra Dashboard Light Guide Philadelphia PADashboard lights in the Nissan Sentra are categorized into warnings lights and indicator lights. Warning lights are considered red flags for vehicle damage and indicate you need to call Montgomeryville Nissan for a repair. Below are a few warnings lights you may see in your Sentra while traveling through Montgomeryville, Lansdale, and Doylestown.

Brake Light on Your Nissan Sentra

The Brake Light will be a circle with an exclamation point inside or the word “BRAKE.” This can mean that you left your parking brake on, so deactivate that first when you see this light on your dashboard. If the parking brake is disabled, but the light is still on, then your vehicle is lacking brake fluid and you need to call Montgomeryville Nissan for a brake service immediately.

Nissan Sentra Engine Oil Pressure Light

The Engine Oil Pressure Light looks like an oil can. This light does not indicate when your vehicle needs an oil change. Instead it lets you know when there is damage in the main systems. So if it flickers and comes on when you’re behind the wheel, pull over and schedule an inspection and repair as soon as possible.

Sentra Battery Light Illuminated

Nissan Sentra Dashboard Guide Montgomeryville NissanThe light shaped like your vehicle’s battery is the Battery Light, and it comes on whenever a malfunction is detected in the charging system. If it activates when you’re on the road, stop your vehicle, inspect the generator belt for any damage, and call Montgomeryville Nissan to schedule a battery repair immediately.

Low Tire Pressure Light on Your Nissan Sentra

The Low Tire Pressure Light works with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System to let you know your tires need to be inflated. The symbol for this light looks like the side of a tire with an exclamation point in the center, and when tires are low on air, it will be steady. If there is a malfunction in the system then it will flash for about one minute and remain on.

Park Position Light

If you’re like the many drivers in the area, you’ve turned off the vehicle without shifting the car into Park at least once. The Nissan Sentra can put a stop to that with its Park Position Light. This light is the letter “P” with an arrow pointing up next to it and the word “SHIFT” underneath. This warns you’ve turned off the engine without shifting the vehicle into Park.

Nissan Sentra Indicator Lights

The following indicator lights are designed to let you know when certain features are in use.

Eco Mode Light

When ECO Mode is selected to create a more fuel economic performance, you’ll see the word “ECO” illuminated in your dashboard.

Nissan Sentra Sport Mode Indicator Light

The Sport Mode Indicator Light is the word “SPORT” and will glow when you’ve activated Sport Mode for your Nissan Sentra.

Slip Indicator Light

The Slip Indicator Light is shaped like a car swerving. It comes on to let you know that Vehicle Dynamic Control is working to enhance traction on slippery roads.

Schedule Sentra Service Today!

Your Nissan Sentra may not be able to talk, but it can communicate with you via dashboard lights. So read the guide above to better understand the condition of your car so you can provide it with the care it deserves when it needs it most. For more information about Nissan Sentra dashboard lights, contact Montgomeryville Nissan in Montgomeryville, PA today to schedule your service appointment.