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Vehicle Comparisons:
Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord

Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord | Philadelphia, PASedans have a reputation for being sleek, powerful, and comfortable vehicles, which makes them the perfect choice for your travels around the Philadelphia, Lansdale, and Doylestown, PA, area. They allow you to easily maneuver around those city streets.

When you’re on the lookout for a new sedan for your daily commutes, two popular ones you may be considering are the Nissan Altima and the Honda Accord. Here at Montgomeryville Nissan we’re dedicated to helping our drivers every step of the way through the car buying journey. That’s why we’ve created this handy breakdown of the Nissan Altima vs the Honda Accord for you to browse at your convenience!

Now, let’s see how these two stack up against each other. Contact us today for more information.

Powertrain and Performance Features

Philadelphia, PA | Nissan Altima vs Honda AccordAnyone who lives in the Northeast knows our winters can be snowy, icy, and produce dangerous driving and road conditions. Finding a vehicle powerful enough to safely take on those winters is crucial when it comes to surviving those colder months.

When it comes to the Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord, the Nissan Altima offers the available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. It provides you with the confidence to take on any terrain, thanks to its ability to shift power throughout the wheels to help you maintain stability and control. This system also helps you with fuel efficiency.

Over in the Honda Accord, all-wheel drive isn’t even offered, so you would have to settle with their standard front-wheel drive system.

The Altima ultimately beats out the Accord when it comes to performance and powertrain features.

Entertainment Technology Features

When comparing the Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord, it’s important to have entertainment technology features in your vehicle because they make everything from daily commutes to long road trips enjoyable and pleasant.

Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord in Philadelphia, PAIn the Altima you’ll find standard Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration. This system allows you to easily connect your smart phone to your audio system, so you can stream music and podcasts, make phone calls, and access your apps, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and attention on the road.

The Honda Accord, on the other hand, only offers Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration as an available add-on, so you wouldn’t find it standard on all trim levels like you would in the Altima.

If innovative technology features are important to you, the Altima is going to be the choice for you.

Fuel Efficiency

2019 Nissan Altima Scarlet EmberOne thing drivers sometimes overlook when they’re searching for their next vehicle is fuel tank size. The size of your fuel tank is going to determine how often you’ll need to stop and get gas.

The Nissan Altima comes with a 16.2 gallon fuel tank, while the Honda Accord falls short offering just a 14.8 gallon fuel tank.

The Verdict: Nissan Altima vs Honda Accord

While both vehicles have impressive features, it’s clear the Nissan Altima beats out the Honda Accord in crucial categories like powertrain and technology features.

The best way to decide which car is right for your commutes around Philadelphia, Lansdale, and Doylestown, PA, is by coming down to Montgomeryville Nissan to take a test drive for yourself. For more information give us a call or stop by today!